Kinesiology is the highly sensitive skill of muscle testing. It is an essential tool that allows the practitioner to tune into people’s energy systems, and to find out what the body needs, in order to repair itself. The belief being that our bodies know exactly what they need in order for this recovery to take place.

With Kinesiology, the only work that comes up in a session is work that your body has prioritised as the most important at that time. This provides you with peace of mind, because no work comes up that you are not ready to deal with. It makes your progress smooth and sustained.

What happens during a Kinesiology session?

In a Kinesiology session, an arm muscle is typically used to tune into your energy system. By applying a light pressure to the muscle, its response is monitored. A negative response is when the muscle goes weak and gives way, and a positive response is when the muscle remains firm and locked in place. So, with precise questioning it is possible to find out the root cause of people's imbalances, and what procedures and support are needed to re-introduce balance. This is a non-invasive therapy and suitable for anyone of any age.


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