Flower Essences

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Flower essences are gentle and subtle, but also far reaching remedies. Flower remedies are safe to use by anyone, from babies to the elderly, and there can be no overdosage, no side-effects, and no incompatability with other forms of treatment.

Flower essences help support and restore balance to the mind, spirit and emotions. Harnessing the subtle energy of individual flowers, they create a resonance between a plant’s innate harmony and healing essence, and our own ‘essence’ – that sense of who we really are at our core.

They can be used to help us move through trauma, to release old mind-patterns that no longer serve us, and to become much more familiar and at ease with our unique emotional and spiritual nature. Flower essenses can address disharmonies in the mind or emotions, which give rise to so many physical ills. They support us in reconnecting deeply with our individual path and purpose, our worth, and the beauty and harmony that exists within us all, and help us to continue our journey of self-discovery.

Dr. Edward Bach is considered to be the 'father' of flower essence therapy. He was a doctor and bacteriologist. He came to realise that allopathic medicine only treats the symptom and not the cause of a disease. Consequently, he trained in homeopathy. Whilst treating his patients, he became aware that he wanted to treat their personality too, in order to achieve a true healing. He saw that patients with a positive, clearer and more balanced state of mind, healed faster than those with a negative or emotionally imbalanced nature.

In 1930, he left his thriving Harley Street practice, to look for a new system of healing using plants, that did not require anything to be destroyed or altered. Dr. Bach eventually made 38 flower essences.

The flowers were gathered under a cloudless sky, at the point of full maturity and perfection. Dr. Bach used flowers gathered in the wild, as they have a different enegy to cultivated plants. He put the flowers in a pure glass bowl filled with spring water, and placed it on the earth in full sunlight for three or four hours. He then bottled the clear essence. Dr. Bach was so sensitive, that he was able to hold his hand over a flower, and immediately know of its healing power.

Since Dr. Bach's time, flower essences have been produced in many parts of the world. Modern techniques have evolved so that the flowers no longer need to be picked or damaged during the production of the essence.


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