Dream Therapy

When we dream we access a treasure trove of information, insights and guidance. Everyone dreams every night - there are no exceptions - it's just that we don't always remember our dreams.

This could be for several reasons:

  • We don't make a habit of trying to remember our dreams
  • On waking, our minds instantly fill with thoughts of daily activities to be done
  • Our sleep is affected by drugs or alcohol
  • We are very stressed or busy in our waking life

The subconscious is a very special part of us. It speaks to us in lots of different ways - through our dreams, creative expression like music, art, and writing, or through day-dreams. While our conscious mind is busy getting us through each day on a practical level, the subconscious helps us to process these day to day occurrences and gives us back the most important aspects of them - nuggets of gold buried deep within. If we take the time and effort to dig down, to decipher the symbols, metaphors and puns of our dreams, we can always find inspiration, understanding and deep self-knowledge.

When you do start to pay attention to your dreams and value them as the amazing source of insight and guidance that they are, you will find yourself not only remembering more of your dreams, but remembering them in more detail. It's as though the subconscious is celebrating the fact that you are at last appreciating its efforts, and so wants to give you more and more of its precious treasure.

People often only seek help with their dreams when they are experiencing nightmares or recurring dreams. The subconscious, desperately trying to get a message through, has had to resort to either repetition or shock tactics to get us to pay attention. Once you have worked on the message within this kind of dream, it will either stop or change in some way, as the subconscious will no longer need to bang you over the head to get you to listen.


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