Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy is an effective but gentle way of helping people's energy systems to release, energise and repair, without the need to over-analyse their emotional past.

In a session, crystals may be placed on or around the body. They work deeply on the chakras, subtle energy bodies and the physical body, with the specific intent of working on any issue you choose. This is a non-invasive therapy, and suitable for anyone of any age.

Crystals are the most organised and stable matter in the universe, and they contain energy that comes from their essential stability. They are also natural energy resonators, and transform chaotic energies like ours, into a greater state of orderliness.

So when a crystal is placed within the energy system of a living being, that being's energy system recognises the natural stability of the crystal, responds and takes it on board. This allows the body's self regulatory functions to perform more efficiently, bringing about balance, increased well-being and positive change. This happens because, just like crystals, we are essentially crystalline in structure, making crystals in tune with, and inseparable from us.


Our Practitioners: