Patrick J Morton

Patrick J Morton, Hypnotherapy, Counselling & Hypno-psychotherapy

Hypnotherapy, Counselling & Hypno-psychotherapy

with Patrick J Morton BA, DipCouns, DHP(NC)


As a Hypno-psychotherapist accredited by the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy I am experienced in the use hypnosis (our innate ability to focus within and engage our imagination) for a particular purpose, within a psychotherapeutic setting. Hypno-psychotherapy makes use of the relaxed state in which mental stress and bodily tension are greatly reduced. In this creative and imaginative state of absorption we are capable of much more flexible thinking and can unlock our own hidden, powerful resources. This means that the source of a problem can be quickly located and dealt with. Often it can be resolved with the use of simple suggestions (as is the case with many habits and phobias) but in cases where issues are more deep- rooted and further help is required, psychotherapy can also be incorporated.


As a counsellor trained in both Person-Centred and Cognitive-Behavioural approaches I have an eclectic approach and can draw on a variety of strategies to suit the clients needs. I endeavour to provide the core conditions of acceptance, genuineness and empathy at all times whilst also challenging the client to search for their own resources for change. My approach emphasises the role our thinking plays in forming our experience and how we can change negative, destructive thought patterns into positive and constructive ones.

My personal philosophy is that we are all here to grow and learn from the experiences we have co-created with others through our thoughts, emotions and actions. Above all, we are meant to enjoy life and to be happy, to be free to express ourselves creatively, to love ourselves and to connect with the world around us. For many of us the ability to achieve these things is blocked by trauma, grief, loss and emotional disturbance. These blockages, though hidden, manifest as depression, anxiety, anger, phobias, addictions and many other physical, emotional and mental health problems. However, we have inside of us the ability to heal, and Hypno-psychotherapy and Counselling can help us to access this ability and once again reconnect with the joy of life and express ourselves freely.

I have 10 years experience of working in mental health with individuals and groups for the Personal Services Society in Liverpool and the NHS, dealing in areas such as anxiety and panic attacks, stress management, depression, phobias, anger management, confidence, self-esteem and assertiveness, bereavement, change and loss, post-traumatic stress, sexuality, gender issues, relationship problems and childhood issues.

I qualified as a counsellor in 2000 and then as a Hypno-psychotherapist in 2004. I respect client confidentiality at all times, and adhere to BACP Code of professional conduct.

Although the number of sessions required varies, the first session will be used to explore the nature of the problem and the type of therapy required. We will work together to agree upon a treatment strategy and schedule. This meeting usually takes longer (1.5 hrs) than subsequent treatment sessions (1 hr). There is no obligation to commit to a follow up session (sometimes the first session is all that is needed); however, all appointments will be charged for unless 48 hours notice is given.



£45 per session


07910 271 522


pjmort1 [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk