Elaine Hale

The Alexander Technique

with Elaine Hale, PGCE, BA, MSTAT (the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique)

Like Alexander himself, I started out as an actor. It was during my training at Manchester Metropolitan University that I was introduced to the technique. I feel extremely lucky to have been a part of a training that included such a 'whole self' approach. I knew immediately that this work had something for me, and that I wanted to pass it on to others. Working with the Alexander Technique allows me to continue to use my expressive and creative self, as well as helping others to use theirs and discover their full potential.

As my background is in theatre as well as education, I have worked a lot with performers and musicians over the years – particularly on voice production. I continue to hold an interest in how we use voice and movement as our primary forms of expression, often looking at these aspects as I work with someone. I also work a lot with hands, arms, shoulders and the head, in relation to the neck and back – the communicative system -which often becomes tight and causes pain.

I became very interested in anatomy throughout my Alexander Technique training and continue to broaden my knowledge of this area. Hence, my lessons are often coloured with bits of anatomical information which I believe help people to gain a clearer understanding of how they work at a physical level – I know it helped me enormously. I continue to study other areas of health and well-being, including nutrition, meditation, yoga, neurology and metaphysics. All of this is an on-going learning process as I see it, and whatever we can do to aid understanding is all good.

More recently I am working with neurological conditions such as M.S. and Parkinson’s, as well as with people affected by cancer. The great thing about the Alexander Technique is that whatever your situation, it can be applied in order to improve it and help you to get the most out of living your life.

If there are aspects of your life that you wish to change – whether it be physical pain, mental strain, general lethargy or something you want to work towards, such as a public speaking engagement or sporting event, come and try the Alexander Technique.

Here are some comments that students, past and present, have made about it:

'I can only describe it as someone knows where my body wants to be.'

'Finally, somebody understands my body!'

'It is as if you create this big empty space that is really inviting.'

'I always feel taller after a lesson.'

'I can breathe again!'



The cost of the first lesson is £40
Subsequent lessons are £35
The first lesson will take a full hour. Subsequent lessons will usually last between 40 and 50 minutes.
Please wear clothes that you can easily move about in - no jeans please.
Concessionary prices are available on request.
Discounts also apply when paying for a number of lessons in advance.
Please note that cancellation of an appointment incurs the full fee, unless a minimum of 24 hours notice is given.


0779 611 7710


elainejhale [at] gmail [dot] com

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