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Amanda Etherington, Aromatherapy, Remedial and Therapeutic Massage, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Ear Candling

Remedial, Therapeutic & Sports Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Ear Candling

with Amanda Etherington BSc (Hons) Integrated Therapy, IFPA, Dip. Holistic Therapies & Sports Massage, NLP Practitioner

Pain, whether temporary or long-term, can cause minor discomfort or intense suffering. The causes of some forms of pain can be treated efficaciously and easily, while deeper, longer-term pain may not be curable but can be relieved. Different treatments provide solutions or relief for different physiological problems, and I treat a wide range of physical issues. Together, we will analyse your symptoms and determine which therapy or therapies will benefit you most immediately and for the long term. All of the treatments that I offer are described in greater detail below.

Regular Massage

Regular massage can provide effective treatment for the following physical problems: headaches and migraine, circulatory problems, arthritis, repetitive strain injury, joint mobility, posture problems, post-fracture rehabilitation, post-cancer radiotherapy relief, PMT, lymphatic drainage, nervous stress disorder, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, high or low blood pressure, kyphosis, neuralgia, scoliosis, insomnia, neck and shoulder strain from IT and office work, driver’s neck strain and whiplash, pre-exam stress, bereavement stress, mountain-biker’s strained wrist, golfer’s lower back and rib injury, swimmer’s shoulder injury, massage for decathlete and heptathlete competitors, pre and post-sports event massage for improved performance for marathon runners, fell runners, and cyclists, violinist’s arm and shoulder strain, dancer’s remedial recovery. This list highlights just a selection of the complaints and issues which I treat.

Remedial and Therapeutic Massage

Remedial and therapeutic massage includes the manipulation of the soft body tissue: skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. I use a deep-massage technique to target specific damage, problems with immobility, or areas of knotted tension. Alternatively, reduced pressure can be applied to stimulate circulation, reduce stress, and eliminate tension. This is a beneficial treatment which additionally induces a sense of relaxed well-being.

Sports and Deep Tissue Massage

Sports and deep tissue massage provides a specifically tailored sports massage to help reduce the risk of injury and promote flexibility to joints and muscle groups. Whatever your sport - mountain biking, decathlon, marathon runner, horse riding, fell walking, or sessions in the gym - a sports massage can be a beneficial tool for physical maintenance. Whether it is done before or after your sporting event or physical activity, massage improves mental and physical performance. Rehabilitation massage will aid the natural healing process following over-use or injury. A regular maintenance of deep sports or remedial massage is beneficial for injury prevention and for improving health, flexibility, and performance at all levels.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage uses natural essential oils obtained from plant extracts which are infused into a base oil and then used for a gentle massage. Massage improves physical and emotional well being. It is a complete holistic approach and treatment. After the initial consultation, a selection of oils are blended for your specific needs. At that consultation, we will also choose a massage technique which is suitable for your specific treatment needs. An aromatherapy massage relaxes tissue, increases blood flow, and aids in the elimination of toxins. The essential oils used in aromatherapy are highly volatile, yet safe and gentle. They are absorbed into the blood stream and circulatory system and are beneficial for treating a wide range of conditions. They provide a stimulating tonic to the nervous system and are proven to have a positive effect on skin, muscle, and tissue as the circulatory blood flow increases. Essential oils create a balancing effect on the hormones within the endocrine system and promote the production of white blood cells which strengthen the immune system.


Reflexology offers an effective therapy for a range of physical issues. Our feet display a variety of clues which mirror the image of what is happening inside the body. Reflexology is a stimulation therapy which works by means of pressure techniques. It targets reflex points on the feet that link to every organ and system in the body. Using controlled pressure with the hands to break down crystal deposits, it unblocks the nerve pathway circuits, allowing them to flow freely. As a result, this causes physiological changes to take place and consequently encourages improved health and vitality. Reflexology treatments at regular intervals can help to maintain a balanced state within the body; it offers an effective therapeutic option for those who do not wish to experience massage.

Ear Candling

Ear candling is a natural, non-invasive, and relaxing treatment which dates back thousands of years. The ear candle is twelve inches in length, slim, pliable, hollow, and cylindrical. It is made of organic honey and pure beeswax and infused with additional medicinal herbs. Sage and St. John’s wort offer strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, while chamomile encourages a relaxing and restorative effect on the nervous system. The candle is not the normal household candle with a wick and running with hot wax that many envisage. Ear candling is a simple treatment. While the client lies on their side, the candle is placed in the ear and held by the therapist throughout the treatment. It creates a warm and gentle suction action, generating a massaging effect as it draws out impurities from the ear. The treatment, combined with a light facial massage over the sinus area if wished, can bring beneficial relief to earache, excessive wax, sinusitis, tinnitus, neuralgia, pressure problems, swimmer’s ear, vertigo, dizziness, and many more problems.

"I have to confess that, initially, I was sceptical about the benefits of having my ears candled. The idea of having "candles" put into my ears seemed an odd therapy. However, after living with tinnitus for many years without finding any therapy to relieve the ringing, I was willing to give ear-candling a try. Amanda assured me that it would be painless and that I would find it a relaxing, calming experience. Not only was it exactly what she said it would be but I also at last got some relief from the constant ringing in my ears. This did not happen immediately, but several days after the treatment I was surprised and delighted to find that the ringing had quietened right down and, in fact, I even experienced phases when I could not hear the ringing at all. After years of annoying noise, it was a joy to hear the silence. I intend to undertake the therapy on a regular basis. For anyone seeking relief from tinnitus, ear-candling could well be a useful therapy, and I would unreservedly recommend them to Amanda for her professionalism, knowledge, skill, and sensitivity." - C.B. 2011



£42 for an hour of massage
£42 for an hour of reflexology
£44 for ear candling (includes facial massage and sinus massage)
If you need to cancel your appointment please give me 24 hours notice or you will be charged the full fee.


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