Alastair Stewart

Alastair Stewart, Counselling and Hakomi Psychotherapy

Hakomi Experiential Psychotherapy, Humanistic Counselling and Supervision for Therapists

with Alastair Stewart (Member of the UKAHPP)

Our defining characteristics can be found in the way we do things, our posture, the speed of our speech, how we breathe. Through loving presence and a sense of what's happening now, we can become attuned to how we organise our experience and so develop ways to heal and find nourishment in everyday life.

Hakomi Experiential Psychotherapy

Hakomi is a Hopi Indian word which translates as "How are you in relation to the many realms in which we dwell?"

This type of psychotherapy is gentle, and nurturing. It is based on the principle that psychological problems manifest themselves in our breathing patterns, energy levels and as muscular tension, as well as in our emotions and in our relationships with other people. As we all, usually unknowingly, express ourselves through our body language, a trained therapist learns how to see these nonverbal messages. When we have increased awareness of the patterns experienced in our body and mind, it can bring about understanding, change and personal growth. This body-centred psychotherapy explores concepts such as compassion, 'loving presence' and 'perceptual wisdom', as these are all important ingredients in a therapeutic healing relationship.

Supervision for Therapists

As a therapist, I see myself as an experiential based practitioner, and I like to bring this into my supervisory work. I offer supervisory sessions to therapists throughout the spectrum of the psychotherapeutic field. Providing you have an interest in your own assisted self-study, and a genuine bent for lessening people's suffering, my door is open for you.

In the words of Germain Lietaer:
'The therapist can never bring the client further than where he is as a person.'

My formal training as a supervisor has come from Jenny Biancardi and Rima Handley. Both are experienced trainers and therapists. Their approach is person-centred and integrative in nature. I have been on numerous workshops, including group facilitation and psychodrama. I see my own practice as an integrative one. I've been attempting to hang out with the natural occurring chaos of life for the last fourteen years or so, and I'm slowly getting easier with it!



£40.00 per session


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alastair [at] mindinthebody [dot] co [dot] uk

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