Alaina Mecklenburgh

Herbal medicine, Swedish Massage, Ear Candling and Reiki with Alaina Mecklenburgh

Herbal Medicine, Swedish Massage, Thermal Auricular Therapy (Ear Candling), Reiki

with Alaina Mecklenburgh

Alaina is a member of the Association of Master Herbalists (AMH) and the Herb Society

Qualifications and Background

Alaina graduated from The University of Central Lancashire in 2008 with a degree in medical herbalism. This Bachelor of Science degree covered many aspects of herbal medicine practice, including physical examination and diagnosis.

Alaina qualified as a remedial masseur in 1999 through the Northern Institute of Massage.

Alaina has also been trained in Reiki and thermal auricular therapy or ear candling.

Prior to training as an herbalist, Alaina worked for Cumbria Ambulance service (now North West Ambulance service) as a paramedic for several years.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine has been used by our ancestors for thousands of years as a means of healing all manner of ailments. Through the ages our ancestors discovered that certain plants have distinct properties. Herbal medicine is still alive today and, as the chemical constituents of plants are isolated, many traditional herbs have now been scientifically proven to be therapeutic.

Alaina is a Medical Herbalist who specialises in traditional Western Herbalism; she uses the extracts of many European, and some Asian and African plants to help support the body with its unique ability to heal itself. Alaina likes to work holistically by getting to the root cause of the problem and using the vast array of herbs available to fight disease by restoring balance and strengthening the immune system.

Alaina prefers to use good quality, whole plant extracts, which contain the active properties of the plant balanced as nature intended.

Natural Health

Natural Health concentrates on eliminating the causes of disease rather than suppressing the symptoms. These symptoms are an important method of the body communicating to us that all is not well, and they can act as a guide in the healing process. Alaina believes in empowering people to make educated choices about their own health.

At the initial consultation, you will be asked questions about your state of health and factors affecting it, including your previous medical history, your diet, exercise habits, work, and so on.

Individually-tailored programmes are designed to educate and support clients to make positive changes in matters of their health, lifestyle and environment. Herbal formulae and tonics are used alongside natural foods and juices. Cleansing diets may be used to detoxify and tone the eliminatory channels of the body, which enhances the performance of all the body systems, and creates a healthier person, bringing increased wellness.


Alaina has been practicing this therapy for twenty years. She earned her diploma in remedial massage (Swedish massage) from the Northern Institute of Massage and is able to assist the healing process of joints and muscles through massage and some deep tissue techniques.


Alaina is trained to give Reiki healing and will include Reiki with massage treatments.

Thermal Auricular Therapy (Ear Candling)

Alaina has been trained to use ear candles, which may help to ease problems, particularly those associated with excess ear wax.



Herbal Consultations:
Initial Herbal consultation - £50
Follow-up consultations - £35
Any herbal preparations are charged in addition to consultation fees
Massage / Reiki:
Full body massage - £40
Full body massage with Reiki - £55
Back, neck and shoulder massage with Reiki - £40
Ear candling - £35
Ear candling with Reiki - £45
Please note that cancellation of an appointment incurs the full fee, unless a minimum of 24 hours notice is given.


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