qigong and taiji in Kendal

taiji and qigong with Andi Chapple

This is a vast subject encompassing bodily toning, stretching and relaxation; good posture and efficient movement, leading to improved balance; mental relaxation and an accepting, focussed state of mind; meditation; the Chinese conception of energy, well-being and the cosmos; elegant sequences of movements; and partner work leading to full-on martial art. Loosely, qigong can be seen as a set of practices that prepare the body and mind for the movements of taiji.

I hope to establish a regular class to investigate some of these areas. It will be accessible for beginners but worthwhile for those who know something already. Each class in this short series will cover the same material, so it will be possible to drop in to one or two sessions, but those who follow the whole course will learn the movements and begin to get some accuracy in their practice.

The first eight-week series will cover: warm-ups and joint relaxation; basic qigong movements to introduce the approach; a set of exercises called the Eight Brocades ('ba duan jin' in Chinese) which work the whole body but are especially good for the spine; basic standing and walking in taiji; and the basics of relaxed mental focus. I will give people a short subset of the material to take home and practice - classes are good, but practice at home is where you make progress with this.

Course Tutor:

Andi Chapple has been studying and practising qigong and taiji for 7 years with Ian McPherson, a very experienced teacher who lives in Sedbergh, and teaching within his classes. He has studied Wild Goose qigong with June Parker of the UK Taiji Qigong Foundation for 2 years, and has taken several shorter courses at various times with a number of the country's top teachers.

Date & Time:

A series of 8 sessions, weekly from the 9th February to the 30th March, 11am - 12 noon


Nether Hall, Kendal Parish Church, Kirkland, Kendal


£6 per session - come to the first 7 sessions and the 8th is free!

Contact Details:

Please contact Andi at andi [at] music [dot] freakout [dot] biz or on 015396 22045 ... or turn up on the day (if you are thinking of only coming to days in March, please get in touch so I know to expect you)