Look after your back with The Alexander Technique

Look after your back with The Alexander Technique

This 3 week course will introduce you to the basic principles of the Alexander Technique. It will help you develop your body's natural flexibility and good postural habits.

You will be able to practice some of the skills on your own and have a good understanding of what is involved in a one-to-one lesson.

This is a small group course (max 4 attendees) and so you will have the opportunity to address individual requirements with hands on guidance.

Course Tutor:

The course will be led by Alison Marsden who has been teaching the Alexander Technique for 15 years.

Date & Time:

Wednesdays 10am - 11am for 3 weeks, starting 9th May 2018


Staveley Natural Health Centre



Contact Details:

To book your place, contact Alison on 01539 824167 or 07929 151240