Herbs in the Home - A Practical Course in Herbal Medicine

This course is open to all those wishing to broaden their knowledge of herbs and their uses in the home. We will explore culinary, cosmetic and, in particular, the medicinal use of herbs. At this abundant time of year, we will take advantage of the fresh herbs growing locally.

Join us for an extremely practical, highly-informative course, with herb tasting, plant identification, and hands-on experience of making simple, yet powerful, herbal remedies for you to take home.

Herbalism is the use of plants and remedies derived from plants to help the body function more efficiently and in doing so, assist in fighting disease, redressing imbalances and restoring the body's own natural equilibrium.

Course Tutor:

The course will be led by Julia Russell, an experienced local Herbalist who uses traditional European herbal remedies, plus iridology (analysis of the eye) and a Naturopathic approach in dealing with health matters.

Date & Time:

Fortnightly for 5 sessions on Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm-9.30pm, beginning on May 21st 2008


Lancaster Steiner School, Lune Road, Lancaster


£40 for the whole course including materials, payable in advance

Contact Details:

For bookings, contact 01539 822 244