The Gentle Art of Living with Abundance

This one-day workshop offers an opportunity to look at abundance differently through the gentle insight and wisdom we glean from working with Flower Essences.

Nature displays for us a wealth of resources; Life places in front of us more than we need at all times. And yet we so often feel lack, feel thwarted or feel stuck. We are told that we are able to manifest the life we want yet we often end up floundering when we try!

This workshop explores how we can align ourselves with the abundance that is around us at all times and see within this the simple gifts we may be seeking elsewhere in much more complex way. With the Essences as catalysts it is an opportunity to draw back into our centre, align with our path and purpose and find a natural sense of flow.

Course Tutor:

Rachel Singleton is an accredited tutor with the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association and a registered Advanced Practitioner in Essences. She has worked with Essences from all over the world for over a decade and is the founder and producer of LightBringer Essences in Cumbria.

Date & Time:

Saturday 14th March 2009, 10.30am - 4.30pm


The course takes place in the newly built Ambleside Parish Centre with its stunning views across Rothay Park towards the surrounding fells. Participants will find several lovely cafes in Ambleside to choose from for lunch or spaces to picnic in the park and at the venue.


£35 (includes a dosage bottle of flower essences)

Contact Details:

For bookings contact Rachel on 015394 37427 or by email on admin [at] lightbe [dot] co [dot] uk