The Autumn Digestive Cleanse

The Autumn Digestive Cleanse

This 3 week course will help you establish a new routine to food, providing you with a regular cleansing program for your digestive tract in order for you to build a strong immune system.

Emphasis is made on a realistic program to ensure you build up your internal changes gradually, just like an exercise plan.

Each week you will be doing a 24 hour re-balance (a bit like the 5-2 diet but much more depth to it). The food kit will be provided for you for two 24 hour sessions. Over the 3 weeks 6 meals will be replaced, on the last week you prepare your own from the recipes supplied. Each subsequent week will provide you with more of a rebalance - taking it a step further (depending on your response).

Course Tutor:

The course will be led by Alison Marsden.

Over the years, through her love of cooking, Alison has created tasty, heart warming meals to minimise the 'denial' when re-balancing. Alison's training in the Alexander Technique provides her with the skills to help people change habits from a mind-body perspective. Combining her creative cooking and this skill to change habits, she has established a course with information and practical skills to help you change your eating routines and connect to your body's wisdom.

Date & Time:

Wednesdays 10am - 11am for 3 weeks, starting 7th November 2018


Staveley Natural Health Centre


£72 with food / £45 without food

Contact Details:

To book your place, contact Alison on 01539 824167 or 07929 151240 or by email at alison [dot] mardsen22 [at] gmail [dot] com